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A rapidly growing gastronomy market in the ‘90s was impetus to create a company INN in 1996, which is a permanent home base in this segment as a reliable supplier of refrigeration equipment and related accessories. Since the beginning of our existence we cooperate both with large corporations in the brewing industry, medium and small brewers, as well as a retail client. All our sales partners provide professional and reliable service. Thanks to experience gained in the cooperation on Polish and European market, our activities are characterized by high flexibility and are backed by thorough knowledge of refrigeration. All of this means that we are perceived as a reliable partner in the industry.


Our service is approx. 150 service points throughout the country, as well as proven partners in Europe, which guarantees the speed of repairs (75% of repairs in 48 hours from the time of acceptance!), Reliability of execution and the highest qualified technicians. To continually improve the skills of service,  our technicians continually gain knowledge documented by certificates and attestations. We train customers in the operation, maintenance and servicing of supplied equipment. We are a member of the National Refrigeration Forum.

Growing company started its activity in the segment of bottling lines and packing. At the moment, we represent the Polish market leading manufacturers from Western Europe and USA. Each of our Western partners is a top-notch world in its sector. We offer you control and detection equipment with automatic rejection of defective products (X-ray scanners to detect foreign bodies, pouring level controls, controllers tightness of packaging), drying systems, packaging method called air knives. air knife (bottles, cans, jars, cheese, meat, etc.), welding induction (inductive closing of bottles and jars with aluminum foil so. lids). Among our clients are both large-scale enterprises and corporations, as well as the company's medium and small size. We provide service of devices which we supply.

Since 2011 we are also representative of DuoTank in Poland performing installation's filling a tank, which in recent years have become a popular way of feeding fresh beer weighted in many places. For now, we have served more than 70 bars and restaurants throughout the country.

In terms of all our activities we cooperate with many companies all over the world. We strive to make our cooperation with all our partner laid in the best order.