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At present, our company has a wide range of activities, constantly developing and seeking new market opportunities. Currently, we are one of a leaders in refrigeration equipment service in Poland. Thanks to skilled workers, we can boast of an excellent quality of service and fast response time to reported failures. We are operating in all regions in Poland, and our service technicians coming to reports within 48 hours from notification registration.

In addition to service refrigeration equipment, we are also a leading supplier of these devices to our business partners, both large and smaller ones. We have long-term cooperation with Pepsico, Kompania Piwowarska, Grupa Zywiec, Carlsberg and many small breweries on Polish territory. Only this fact is enough to learn about our company. Annually, we are selling thousands of Polish refrigeration equipment, both new and remanufactured. Year by year, increasing the number and improving the standards without losing quality.

We also import and selling gastronomy accessories to bars, restaurants and other premises from the largest manufacturers all over the world. Columns, taps, medallions, coolers, rollbars, partycoolers are only a part of our wide offer. At the same time, we provide our customers full support and advice in designing individual installations for each customer.

Another segment of our activities are devices designed for bottling and packing lines and based on the latest technologies, which provide care for the good quality of products and accelerate the process. We offer technology for drying using air knives, X-ray detectors of foreign bodies in products, induction welders increasingly popular on the Polish market, various types of controllers for production lines and many, many others. In this zone also, we have a long-term cooperation with biggest manufacturers on the world such as Sonic, Enercon, Teledyne or Dylog. We also provide a full service of equipment for bottling and packaging lines, thanks to the availability of parts and fast reactions on the crash reports.

The final element of the company INN technology of beer storage called bag-in system. We are the only representative company of DuoTank in Poland, which deals with the installation of "tanks" in our country. Currently, we have completed dozens of installations at the premises in Poland, providing customers with always fresh and delicious beer. This is a relatively new technology that has become very popular and appreciated. We are personally designing, supplying and installing equipment in the premises so that we are sure about the highest quality of service which is performed by our specialists.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Surely you can find what you are looking for at attractive price and professional service.